About Us

Dar Al-Muhama Law and Legal Consultancy is one of the largest and most prestigious legal firms in Kuwait. The firm was established in 2005 by the initiative of a group of distinguished lawyers in various branches of law, and it provides specialized legal services in all branches of law, including civil, criminal, commercial, administrative, labor, family, immigration, and intellectual property law. The firm has a team of qualified and experienced lawyers in their fields, and it uses the latest technologies and methods to ensure the delivery of effective and innovative legal solutions to its clients. The firm is proud of its good reputation and trust of its clients, and it always strives to achieve the best possible results for them. The firm believes in the importance of professionalism, transparency and ethics in the practice of the legal profession, and it adheres to the highest standards of quality and excellence in serving society.

One of the most prominent areas of specialization of the firm is intellectual property protection and trademark registration. The firm provides consultancy and legal services in this field for companies and individuals who want to preserve their rights on their creations or products or services. The firm helps its clients to register their trademarks in different countries around the world, in addition to the GCC countries and the OIC countries . The firm also provides legal services in cases of dispute or infringement on intellectual property rights, whether through amicable ways or arbitration or litigation. The firm is distinguished by its long experience, speed of accomplishment, and quality of work in this field, which made it one of the best legal firms in intellectual property protection and trademark registration in the Middle East.

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